Corporate Branding

Hudak & Company is a financial consulting firm. They needed a mark that represented structure, finances, and dependability. I created a sophisticated look that will be the beginning to Hudak & Company’s branding strategy.

This logo was designed for a destination portal for outdoorsman where they could share information and keep track of their sporting hot spots. This social marketing campaign included graphics for flyers, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and the website.

Monkey Grinder is a mobile app building group. The develop a wide range of apps and they wanted a logo that was fun and played with their name.

Search Circus is a website marketing firm that focuses on SEO. We created a logo that plays off the company’s name and uses the colored balls as almost a metaphor for searched items rotates in and out of searches.

PASQuality is a company named after the owner, Jim Pasquali. He did a play on words and I did a play on the visuals. The “Q” represents both his last name initial and a target, referencing the “on-target” quality checks for which he has built his company around.

CE specializes in litigation support and process service for law firms. They hired Burkley Creative to create their branding identity, so they stuck out among competitors as reliable service.

Stable is a company that used rebar to reinforce construction sites, so this logo needed to reflect that technology.

Mid Atlantic Tax Resolution Services is a tax resolution company. We created a branding that put people that were dealing with tax problems, the client wanted something that showed customers they know what they are doing and can help them.

Entertainment & Sports Related Branding

Gannett Fleming sponsored a hockey team for a local charity game that involved former NHL players. I designed this logo for the jerseys that tried to capture both rough hockey players and engineers.

Sarah is a sports personality in Philadelphia. She wanted a personal logo that represented everything she is about, so I decided to draw her and incorporate things she is involved in, including hockey and reporting. She has a fantastic signature, so I used her signature as the word mark and it turned out perfect. You can read more about Sarah on her website.

This logo was designed in celebration of an annual event that includes a lot of fun and competition. The logo was used to promote the event, applications included posters, t-shirts and pamphlets. I pen drew the arm on paper and illustrated the beer mug and combined the two elements.

Like the name says, this site was a portal for sportsman to hangout and learn of hotspots where the best fishing, hunting or any type of outdoor activities can be had. This logo got the website and branding started.


This logo represents a hub used for dialog that encourages innovative thinking. They needed a logo that represents the concept of growing ideas using technology.

Projects Branding

Miami-Dade County in Florida needed a logo that represented all the modes of transportation the local government takes care of. I created this fun, colorful and dynamic logo they can use as they promote and inform the public of ongoing and upcoming transportation modules.

This was a large engineering project that needed a design element that branded all the material that went along with the project, so I designed this location centric bridge logo.

This interstate 80 project logo represents the stretch of road this project encompasses. Which includes two exits, four lanes and a bridge.

This blogger wanted a cool logo that he could use on his website, so we designed this catchy, beer cap looking, direction indicating logo mark.

The transportation engineers needed a logo that represented this area’s bridge connectors with an artistic approach, so I drew these stylized bridges and put them over a body of water.

Technology Related Branding


Investment Opportunities Unlimited is a group of money investors. They needed a logo that portrayed stability amongst a group of smart and inventive individuals.

This logo was designed for the Harrisburg Jaycees. I was also tasked with creating the website that played off the new logo design.

Hate Free Harrisburg is a consortium of individuals and organizations formed with the objective of building relationships among diverse populations and fighting hate, prejudice, and ignorance. They needed a logo that reflected their caring, loving, helping attitude.

Artspace is a gallery that promotes the arts through celebrations, displays, music, and events. They hosted a logo design contest with a grand prize winner. My design was chosen, and I was rewarded with a monetary sum and many compliments.